Feeding, filling-in, mixing, filling-up


Our experience of decades has led to our offer of complete production units: fitech AG offers for each product form from feeding to filling-in, mixing and filling-up to packaging, paletting and transporting the complete production units.



Process steps



Vacuum Mixing Dryer VT

for the drying of powdery raw material

Cubic capacity: 530−9‘650 Liter

Horizontal Vacuum Mixer VMH

for the production of middle- to highly-viscous products

Nominal capacity: 1‘240−8‘800 Litres

Vacuum Mixer Vertical VMV

for the production of middle- to highly-viscous products

Nominal capacity: 790−2‘900 Litres

Vertical Vacuum Mixer Phoenix VMP

for the efficient mixing of low to highly-viscous products

Nominal capacity: 700−1‘200 Liters

Large Capacity Vacuum Mixer VGM

for the mixing of several small batches to one large batch and for the homogenization of pastels

Nominal capacity: 8‘000−28‘000 Litres

Vertical Mixer Tornado VMT

for the efficient mixing of low to middle-viscous products

Cubic capacity: 160−600 Litres

Vertical Buffer Press VPP

for a optimal utilization of the production capacity thanks to quick emptying of the batch mixer

Cubic capacity: 1'000−8'000 Litres

Discharge Station APS

for the discharging of middle and highly-viscous products

Drum and Pail Filling Unit FHA

for the filling of middle- to highly-viscous products

Container C1000-R

for the storage and the transport of pastels products like sealants and coatings materials, adhesives, cast resin or other viscous products

Cubic capacity: 1'000 Liters

Container C890

for the temperature-regualted storage of highly-viscous and pastels interim- and end-products